Rick Owens SS09 Strutter Hogwash Patchwork Denim Aircuts

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Rick Owens

SS09 "Strutter" Aircuts

Hogwash Denim

Tagged size 33 but due to the fit of the item it can realistically fit any size in the waist.

There are zippers and a cross waist strap under the zipper that can attach to one of three buttons on the waist with the tightest size being around 30 and the largest being around 33.

Hogwash is a finish that deteriorates over time. As this garment has aged over the last fourteen years, the original denim has ripped and torn in places over time showcasing a unique one-of-one look.

As these pants have experienced wear and tear over the last decade, years of patchwork, reconstruction, darning, and repairs have been made and added to the garment.

Before you now is a completely original and artistically crafted pair of Aircuts that will never be recreated again.

Hundreds of dollars of repairs have gone into this pair of pants. The last amendments to the garment were made in Sept. of 2023. A locally renowned denim repair shop, Denim Doctors, in LA has professionally reinforced the hems, pockets, and back knees so that these pants can be worn without fear of them ripping in the troubled spots pants typically rip.

All of this work was done on a pair of Rick Owen's most coveted design, the Aircuts.

Due to the nature of this garment and its repairs, I encourage the pants to be worn, but I would issue a warning if intended for strenuous activity. These pants are delicate, but they are also sturdy weighing in at about three pounds. You can wear these to an event or a night out but definitely don't take them on a hiking trip.

→ As this item is one of a kind, all sales are final and there will be no refunds, returns, or exchanges accepted.

What you see is what you get and I have documented every angle of the pants; I have no issue providing more photos to interested buyers before the transaction occurs but I cannot accept cancellations, refunds, or returns if you are unhappy with the item or the item is damaged while in your possession.