Vintage 1950s Cowboy Cowichan Handwoven Sweater

Regular price $450


1950s Cowboy Knit Cowichan Sweater

Features handwoven cowboy, boot, and hat graphics

Insane detail

Coats Clark zipper dating the piece to late 40s through early 50s; these zippers sell for up to $150 by themselves.

Fits L or XL — please refer to measurements

The Cowichan Tribes registered “Cowichan”, “Genuine Cowichan”, and “Genuine Cowichan Approved” as trademarks for goods that “have been hand-knit in one piece in accordance with the traditional tribal methods by members of the Coast Salish Nation using raw, unprocessed, undyed, hand-spun wool, also made and prepared in accordance with traditional tribal methods.

Chest: ~ 22.5 inches
Length: ~27 inches