Vintage 2001 Deftones Cartoon Artimonde L/S Tee

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→ You will likely never see this shirt for sale again.

2001 Vintage Deftones Cartoon Artimonde L/S Tee

XL on Artimonde.

Shirt is in amazing condition, I would say it's probably been worn once or twice in the last 20 years.

Screenprint is still beautiful, some fading where the letters overlap the characters.

I could go on and on about how rare this shirt is. Not only do you never see Deftones tees in longsleeve variants often, but finding one on an Artimonde is the holy grail for Deftones collectors.

Artimonde licensing deals are rare enough as is, I would estimate this is the only version of this shirt you will see on the market for a while.

Artimonde also used tagged blanks to print on before removing the blank tags and adding their own branded tags; although this is sometimes a sign of a bootleg, in this instance this is consistent with Artimonde band tees from this era, not to be alarmed.

The Deftones hype is the craziest it's ever been in nearly 30 years. If one of these hasn't popped up yet aside from mine, who knows when it will?

Maybe a collector will see mine and decide to post theirs. Maybe I have one of the only remaining ones of these in existence.

Time will tell.


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